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Maine Fly Fish

Sea Clams

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Anyone interested in Walking the Beach after Big Storms and pick up some Fresh Sea Clams?   

WANTED Bait & Tackle: Sea Clams are Great for Haddock, Cusk and other Fish. We could use Donations of as many as you can pick up on the beach. A Bit of Rock Salt to preserve them and even soaking them in Beet Juice to dye them Red is great before freezing in Ziplock Bags. They last the whole season that way and are really handy.
We are looking for Sponsors to help provide Veterans with Free Fishing Trips (Fresh & Salt Water) and Free Ash Scatterings at Sea
Would you help by donating your company’s products, services or financial donation?. check out all the photo Albums on this page for ideas of things we need to function. https://www.facebook.com/groups/945320308893705

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