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Big tides may help the fishing...........

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...... which has tapered off some. We're coming out of a lower high tide cycle and the biggest tides of the month are coming this week. More water movement usually means better fishing. Good time to hit those rips and eddies that for around beach sandbars. The faster currents caused by the movement of such high volumes of water hamper weaker swimming baits and they become easy meals for the powerful swimming stripers.  

This will be the rare occasion when minnow imitations will out fish crab flies. The reason for that is two fold. First fast currents trap baitfish like mentioned above. Second, fast currents and crab flies don't mix well. Hard to keep the crab on bottom and hard to maintain a straight direct connect line, needed to detect the take or set the hook. Intermediate lines and medium sized baitfish flies will work well. 

Another factor will be that the big tides will wash tons of debris into the water. Most of this will sink to the bottom and make dragging a crab fly difficult if not out right impossible. Fishing the baitfish flies on an intermediate line will keep you out of this gunk.

While most normal tides call for lots of angler movement the opposite is true with the biggies. I find it better to post up on a forming rip and just keep casting. Sooner or later a school or two of stripers will cruise by and offer opportunities.

So get out this week if you can and give it a go. Just watch your back as big tides flood really fast.

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I have done real well on the higher tides for sure. No joke on watching your back either. You should always watch the tides and know when high and low is and how high the tide will be. As your normal access points at high or low tide might not be accessible which can put you into life threatening situations. Didn't the moon cycle just change too ? That could be really good

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