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Maine Fly Fish

Bait update.

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For those still going, the bait situation is this.

Sandeels are about three inches long with major olive back color.

Ocean herring juvies are about three to four inches long and have a distinct cigar shape.

Green crabs are two inches in diameter.

Pogies are 12" to 14" long and about a pound and a half.

mackeral are ranging from 10" to 16" and dark green in color.

Sand shrimp are one to two inches long and beige.

Silversides are three inches long and quite light in color.

Good luck .:)



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this is interesting for a novice like myself. As I start to tie for next season, are there other critical baits to match early or late season?

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You gonna be in Maine for next striper season??

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      Brit Herring- small, 1 1/2 inches, best imitated by either black clouser or black deceiver of same length.

      River herring- six or seven inches, bright silver sided flat shape with dark blue top. best imitated by grocery herring fly with blue back and white hackle or shclappen.

      Green crab- one inch in diameter, olive in color , best imitated by Crab pot fly .

      Silverside- two to three inches long ,olive backed with brilliant silver sides. best imitated by olive/white clouser of same size.


      Sandeels- four to five inches long , olive top with silver sides. Best imitated with Clouser of similar length and color.

     Juvenile sea herring- three to four inches in length, bright silver sides with black top. best imitated by either Deceiver of similar size and color, or Enrico's juvy herring fly.

     P-nut Bunker- two to three inches in length, flat sided with very bright sides. Best imitated by Enrico's Baby Bunker fly in gray/white.

     Immature mackerel- two to five inches long with slender profile and green mackerel top. Best imitated by Deceiver with white hackle and bucktail topped by slender green grizzly  hackle tied flat.

     Adult Menhaden or Pogie- Twelve to fourteen inches long, six inches wide with gold to bronze colored sides and black top.Best imitated by a beast fly in pogie colors.

There are others like squid and pollack  which are available all season.

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Timmy, send me your new email....  we won't be full time neighbors,but I will be paying Maine State Property Tax... closed on Tuesday. 


Mal, thank you a million for this. I have been out of the Striper game for longer than the year I dabbled. I loaded up on hooks before coming back to France. 30 days of trout season left and then I can start tying for next year. 

Many thanks for this. 

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