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Maine Fly Fish
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Big Bugs Are Always Fun

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40-50F at night, 80's during the day. Spent a work week up in the country, and mother nature did not disappoint. Got to love the Monday-Friday crowd, ran into maybe 4 other fly guys.  Fishing was excellent early morning and at dusk and good during the day. Dry flies were the answer, anything from size 6 stimulators to size 20 caddis. Nymphs and wet flies produced, but not nearly at the rate dries did. It is rare when all the stars aline for a moment, let alone for multiple days. Cold nights were interesting though, even saw a maple tree starting to turn red.... Won't be long before the fall season gets here...


One of my favorite spots to stand in Maine 


Sporadic hatches, but when they were buzzing around, it was a sight to see. It's always cool to see a 20"+ salmon leap out of the water to snag a bug. 


These sized salmon were prevalent during mornings, evenings, and anytime stones were hatching. Fly selection was not difficult this trip, just the way I like it.  




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Troutscout, I was there July 31-Aug 4th. Only spent time at that pool from about 4AM-7 or 8AM a few of the days, stopped by once around mid day just to see what was happening. 

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