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Another season coming to an end

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The Atlantic salmon fishing season on the north shore of the St-Lawrence river came to an end yesterday september 15th. I did one last fishing trip with my usual buddies Alex and Francis from september 2nd to september 9th. For the occasion we camped and fished the Trinité river for 8 days. The abundant rainfall that we got the week before made up for great flows on the river.

The first day we left Baie-Comeau early in the morning and most of the day was used to set up camp. We managed to have 2-3 hours left at the end of the day to fish so we headed for the bridge pool. This pool allows to fish for Atlantic salmon at the head of the pool and sea run brookies in the kind of pond where the river gets wider.


I hiked the trail and went downstream to try my luck at sea run brookies while Alex dropped a wet fly at the head of the pool. 5 minutes after I started fishing I heard Alex and Francis yelling upstream that they hooked a salmon. I ran back to the bridge but unfortunately the salmon unhooked itself. They told me the salmon jumped 2 times and made a mad run before it unhooked itself. It was a nice 12-14 pounds salmon. We were off to a good start!

The second day we fished for Atlantic salmon and got skunked...

We met a friend of mine on the river and we decided to do a day trip to fish a stretch of 14 km of the river accessible only by canoe. Monday morning we loaded the canoe and headed to the Eagle pool. This is one of the best pool of the river for sea run brookies and theses fishes only sees a handful of flies during the entire season because of the hard work needed to reach that spot.


We caught 7-8 brookies (both sea run and resident) in the 12-17 inches range. At some point I tied a mouse fly and caught two sea run brookies. They meant business when they attacked the mouse fly it was awesome!!





Sea run brookies fishing was very slow that week and in fact we didn't caught any except for that day trip to the eagle pool. We focused our fishing time on the Atlantic salmons.


Around mid week we went back to the bridge pool for an evening session. We tried a couple flies before I got a strong pull and hooked a nice 12-14 pounds salmon on a size 12 green machine with a white tail! The fish gave a good 15 minutes figth with 7-8 jumps out of the water before Alex Managed to tail the fish!



Here's this beautiful 12-14 pounds female Atlantic salmon! The fish was in good shape thanks to the cold water (55F) and it went back rapidly to the darkness of the pool.



That night there was abundant rainfall and I decided to sleep in the morning while the others went fishing the Creek pool near our base camp. Alex hooked a second salmon but he lost it rapidly.

The next day we went fishing on the Gobeil pool. Francis went upstream and started fishing the head of the pool while I went downstream with Alex. We saw a big salmon jump 2-3 times at the tail of the pool and some grilses rolling in there. I had a good feeling about this. I won the 2 out of 3 rock paper scissor challenge and got the first drop! Again I tied my famous size 12 green machine and after something like 15 cast I hooked a fish. At first I wasn't sure if it was a salmon or a trout until the fish started jumping all around. I had a 3-4 pounds grilse on the line! After 2-3 minutes I grabbed the leader and tried to tail the fish myself but failed and the line got twisted around my rod. While I tried to untwist my line the salmon used the slack in the line to unhook itself. So I don't have a picture of this one but in Atlantic Salmon fishing when we succeed in grabbing the leader the fish is counted as a landed fish. Here's the only shot that we got of this one...


So this is how we ended our 4th Atlantic salmon fishing season. Alex ended is season with 1 salmon, I got 5 and Francis is still looking for his first catch. It will be a long waiting game now until the end of june next year when we resume our hunt for the king of the rivers!



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You have some wonderful fish and opportunities up that way, thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

I look forward to making it back up that way next summer! I even have some green bombers and green machines to dunk. B)


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Great photos and fish. Thanks.

Nothing like the hit of a big salmon!!!

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