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Food for thought...

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The season for trout here ends Sept 30 (excluding ext and year round rivers of course.) Fortunately for myself I’m a saltwater guy and that holds me over until mid October for the most part. But I’ve noticed a trend in the last 3 years...


Nearly every southern Maine river/stream is piss warm and virtually dried up on Sept 30th....so basically the fall season doesn’t exist (excluding ext and year round)... Yes I know I could drive and hit the mountain streams and western rivers etc but when there are still big stripers 10 minutes away that’s not appealing to me....:ph34r:


I can only assume that back when this date was chosen (likely many many moons ago) is when Sept was filled with rain and chilly days. Things have changed. Sept is just as dry and hot as August around here. 


Just thoughts and conversation starters....

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Well, a couple years in a row doesn't call for legislative chsnge, but I tend to agree. It's been a while since I had frost on my tent in September. 

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I don't know as though September was ever a rainy (recent history) month in Maine, but it did previously thunderstorm pretty regularly during June and July afternoons. It's been a while since a "normal" summer like that and I think thats where our low water issue may begin. (Just a guess) Fall has always been relatively dry, far as I can remember.

I think ending the season Sept 30 is still a good thing. The fish need a break IMO. I would be in favor of smaller spawning tribs being shut down Sept 1 but that's a different convo.

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