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Maine Fly Fish
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James Browne

Pogie fest 2017

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So didn't really post anything this season as I was crazy busy guiding and raising my baby daughter. This year was very fun, lots of nice 27-34" fish around and mountains of schoolies micros and dinks. The last bit of August through the first ten days of September brought some lights out fishing this year. I'd been seeing good schools of adult bunker regularly this summer which was very exciting, but very little bass activity on them. When it finally turned on it was awesome. Miles of the coast had huge schools of the bunker and big schools of bass 18-55lbs were having a feast before heading south.  The feeds were awesome to watch, bunker spinning about dimpling their fins suddenly erupting in an explosion of water when a bass would move on them. Bait guys were pounding fish live lining, the fly was much more challenging. Throwing BIG flies on heavy sink tips trying to slip below the edge of the bunker schools to the bass without foul hooking a bunker. Everyday provided different challenges, but it was great seeing so many big fish and bunker, and we got some nice fish out of it!

Note - 5th and 7th photos down are bait caught fish












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Nice fish James. So that word you used when you lost that fish, is that  "technical" term particular to striped bass fishing?

Great photos of some very nice fish. Making me want to hit the coast again next summer.

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