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Last trip of the season

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Two weeks ago I met why my usual buddies in Forestville, Quebec for 3 days of fishing the Laval river for sea run brookies. We rented a nice little place in the area with an awesome view on the St-Lawrence river.



Friends of mine had fished the river a couple days before and told me that there was schools of sea run brookies making their way upstream. Late september/early october is when the blue trout, as they are called around here the 10-14 inches immature sea run brookies, enter the river. The biggest trouts tends to be first one to enter the river, then the middle one and at last the blue trout. They are called blue trout because they're very silvery, almost blue when they come from the sea and they eventually get darker color as they spend time in fresh water.

When we started fishing it wasn't long before we hooked our first trouts!


Here's one of those blue trouts



A fall fishing trip would't be complete without some birds!


The weather during theses 3 days was perfect fall weather: no wind at all and cloudy.






Since I started fishing this river I heard tales of very big sea run brookies getting caught every seasons. While fishing the Laval I sometimes see big fish following my flies without touching it. Well this time it was finally my turn to hook up with one of thoses monsters! The fish slammed hard my montreal whore streamer and I knew instantly that it was the trophy I've been looking for the last 4 years. The fish pulled up a good 5 minutes fight before my buddy netted him. We did the offical measurements, snapped a quick picture and released the wonderful fish back to his element. II turned out that this amazing sea run brookies exceeded my personal best by 2 lbs! Here's my new personal best: 21,5 inches long, 6 lbs!


On the last day I caught another very nice brookie again on a montreal whore streamer. This one was a healty 20 inches, 3,5 lbs.


After that last catch I decided I had caught enough trouts. I stopped fishing, sat down and opened a beer while watching my friends catch trouts!


That weekend was by far the best brookie fishing I have ever done! It was a perfect way to end a wonderful fishing season.





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Fantastic ! one place I've never been and should have. So pristine looking and beautiful fish. Thanks for posting

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First, thanks for sharing. Great photos. Second, AWESOME fish and beautiful rivers!!!!

Third, I think I maybe a long lost brother you never knew you had!:lol: (humor)

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What a wonderful season ender, those are some beautiful fish. That feeling of satisfaction and knowing that you could catch more but there is no need, nothing to prove...is indeed a very rewarding feeling.

Congrats on such a successful season, you worked hard at it and your persistence paid off with both the salmon and trout.

Thank you for sharing, bet the black flies were not so troublesome either. :lol:


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Thank you all!

Sixguns no more blackflies in october that's one of the best thing about fall fishing!

Lachance8443 thoses are normal size partridge they look big because i'm holding five of them on that picture!

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