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Streamers for trolling

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Going to try and troll for some late season rainbows this weekend. Decided to give some tandem streamers a try. I thought they came out alright. I have one question for those that have done it more than I, what kind of hook do you use for your trailing hook? Also, any advice is always welcome.




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I started tying tandems for my father's trips when I was a young boy. Didn't even know how to use the tools. Good memories. Never knotted the tying thread at finish; just coated, clipped and coated again.

I would scrap the fly tying hooks, and get some standard size 4-6 baitholder hooks with a down eye. Regular length shanks. They cost FAR less and hold great.

Use leader wire, pull it through the eye of trailer, bind it down the shank, fold it back towards the eye and wrap over it again.

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