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Correct weight line questions or which one to buy?

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I hope I don't confuse you with this question 

I use an Orvis H2 5wt rod with an Orvis 5wt line.  I'm assuming that because they come from the same company they are as it gets as far as a matched pair goes.  My question is about using another manufacturer's line.

How do I know that a Rio In Touch is the same weight as the Orvis line and will perform as well?  I hear great things about the In Touch, but how do I know it will work with my rod?  

Or lets say I have a Sage, Bean, GLoomis or Echo in five weight.  Is the 5wt, In Touch going to perform equally as well on each of those rods?  Will the Orvis line I have work as well on these rods? 

I know guys who over line their rods and one or two who under line them.  They all swear by their set ups, best thing since sliced bread, yada yad yada. How do you know if you should over or under line a rod if the manufacturers have different weights in grams for their 5 wt lines?  Do you try a line out on your rod before you buy it?  Do shops let you do that? Do manufacturers tell you which weight in grams the line should be?  With the price of good lines these days it seems like there should be a better way to figure this out.  


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