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Camera to take photos of flies

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Hey all,


I take pictures of quality flies (the far and few I deem picture worthy) every so often. I don't have a fancy set up or good camera, just use my iPhone. I'd like to take a few nice pictures and frame em for some gifts for some of the other fisherman in my family. Was curious what others use to take high quality photos of flies? and if there is a special protocol to getting that perfect shot, background, lighting, etc. Thanks! 



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Tripod, lighting from above angled toward both the back (/far/opposite) and front (near/facing) side of the fly, camera with a macro focus setting, and a neutral background color (beige, light blue, similar).

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I find lighting more important than an expensive camera.  That said, my iPhone will not focus sharp enough on macro shots to give me a quality picture.  I use a fairly inexpensive point and shoot that has a good macro mode.  If you want to enlarge the photos, make sure you have your resolution set high enough.  Otherwise it will get grainy or pixelated when you blow them up.

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i use a tripod mounted nikon coolpix s9900 camera set to the "A" aperture setting with the macro turned on.

this camera is also capable of HD videos but i'm not doing any of those




i have 2 daylight spectrum lights as shown below. i use different colored paper/foam sheets from the craft store for the background


and a sunpak led light that is handheld either above or below the fly


i post process all of my photos using photoscape free editing software. overkill maybe but it works for me


i prefer to show the fly as the subject and not a cluttered and messy background. some folks may like it but i dont



i do not get high quality photos using a cell phone


background ideas

countertop samples


paint chip cards


paper/foam sheets


etc etc etc. be creative


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