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Winter prep.

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Think of this wonderful six months of winter as prep time for the upcoming season. 

First go over your equipment. check out your boots, waders, rods,reels,lines flies and leader materials for wear and tear. Fix what you can and replace what needs to be replaced. lessens the frustration of equipment that fails when you need it.

Tie or buy new flies. Get your fly boxes in order and have those new ties ready for fishing. Time spent here is time not wasted when the stripers are here.

Get or keep in shape physically. Walk, jog, work out at the gym,whatever. just exercise those muscles so that when May rolls around you won't lose valuable fishing time due to being out of shape to get around. Striper fishing can be physically demanding. Walking long distances in sand or mud is very taxing on the legs and lungs. Moving about in waist deep water will test your thigh muscles like nothing else, walking strengthens these muscles best.

Practice your casting. Nothing,repeat NOTHING, helps you become a better fly caster than practice. If you need help I'd be proud to assist you.

Contact land owners for access. Asking for permission to park or cross private land for access to the water becomes more important every year. Landowners appreciate this and are more willing to talk about access during the "off" season.

Spend some time studying your planned fishing areas. All waterfront changes somewhat over winter. Know whats changed and how it will affect your fishing in the coming season.

Condition your mind. Striper fishing can be extremely frustrating. Learn as much as you can about your quarry. Read books on striper fishing, watch you tube vids on striper fishing. Talk to ole timah's for their practical knowledge. Patricipate in fly tying classes and such. Much great information passes at collections of striper fishers.

Participate in discussions here at Maineflyfish.com. There are many skilled striper catchers here and we are willing to share our knowledge. Get involved in posting your questions/ideas and attend the sights get togethers. Time well spent.

I hope this gets your mind working on what can improve your striper adventures to come.

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