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Shooting line twist (part two)

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This two hand casting and line twist has been an interesting problem but something I have learned to live with.  The number of different types of running lines classified by diameter and line construction I own is beginning to border on the absurd.  It has only been recently that something happened that really had me baffled.  I have always used the recommendations of the manufacturers of these running lines as to the rod type (switch or spey and line weights) for their intended use.  

I was fishing one day this fall and had not packed all of my reels preloaded with running lines of all the different line diameters. On that morning I found a head that was 30 grains heavier and the rod that I had decided to experiment with this day was one that I had not quite tweaked.  I didn't have a reel with the appropriate smaller size running line that should have been correct for this rod type and Instead grabbed an appropriate sized reel for the rod. The running line on it was a large diameter Ridge Running Line of .036".   That rod should not have cast well with the head weight on that light rod.   My aim after all was to find the appropriate head weight for the rod and  distance with a smaller running line of .024" of the correct recommendation became secondary.

The first thing I noticed was the larger diameter made handling the line much easier since a larger line diameter is much easier to hold onto than some of the small diameter lines especially when your hands are cold.  Second, the line when coiled for the next cast lay on the water in a more orderly fashion than the smaller diameter running line.  It wasn't until many casts later that it occurred to me that the loss of distance I was expecting was not that much.  Curiously too was the line twist was not much of a problem at all.  It seemed that a few overhead casts and letting the line stay in a hang down position all but alleviated the line twist.  

It is a given that guide size will give greater distance.  Lefty Kreh and his passion for the TFO Rods with their larger guides is proof positive that it works. In this particular case however there was nothing out of the ordinary with the guide size of the rod I was using.  It just plain cast further!

In conclusion. 

Are running lines no matter the manufacturer all the same? Perhaps in this instance no. Maybe the claims by AIRFLO that their Ridge Lines offered greater distance does have its merits.  Will I continue using the recommended suggestions? Yes!  I'm still not experienced enough to randomly make great changes in the basic rules.  On the other hand, with all the extra lines I have collected in the past few year experimenting will continue.


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