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Musky Flies

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Well these are some of the funnest flies I have ever tied. Messy, bulky, sporadic. If you have not tried, I highly recommend it, a lot of fun. Time consuming for sure. I got some advice from ftyer that was greatly appreciated. If anyone wants recipes, hooks, deer hair selection, etc. i'd be glad to share. Here's a few that I'm not too embarrassed to show. Practice makes perfect and as time went on, these flies definitely got easier to tie. The key is in having the right thread! and quality materials always help too. 





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Nice work; I particularly like that first one. You couldn't be more correct about using the right thread, but, man, that Veevus crap gets expensive so I've since switched to just straight 2lb test mono as my thread. I've really come to enjoy the switch after the initial learning curve.

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