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Bonefishing trips are wonderful. They mostly take place in late winter when all of us love getting out of New England for however short a time. Depending on where you go they can be reasonable or very expensive, all in all most are about double the cost of a western trip or in the vicinity of $3000-$3500. It is critical that you have good guides, these trips are really not something you can do on your own, at least initially. If you went 3-4 times to a particular spot you might be able to find spots where you could wade fish on your own. People who tie flies, like me, will load up a box or two but it's a waste of time generally. There will be one or two flies that will work and others will not and considering you will be fishing with 10-20 lb test in an area with no trees to speak of you'll lose few flies. Throwing into mangrove roots will cost you a few but you"ll adjust quickly. Most important will be your casting ability into heavy wind, being able to spot fish that are invisible, and having a good saltwater reel tough enough to handle screaming runs, crappy reels melt. 

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