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The crazy weekend

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On august 10th I went to the Godbout river to camp for 3 days and try my luck at atlantic salmon fishing. Things were looking good as we got a heavy rainfall the day before I left, the first significant rainfall in the last 90 days. I was confident that the atlantic salmon would be actif due to the cooler water temp and the water level on the rise!

When I arrived at the river I was glad to see that the water level  rose significantly since my last visit. The river was beautiful!



 While I was gearing up I noticed some salmon rolling in the pool. I tied a size 8 big interval blue fly and started fishing. About halfway through my drop a salmon took my wet fly swinging across the pool! I setted the hook . The fish jumped around 2-3 times and pulled up a good fight before I managed to tail this grilse!



What a way to start the weekend! In the afternoon I fished some other pools but I didn’t saw any salmon in it but I got into some brookies!





For the evening session I went to one of my favourite pool where there’s always some salmons stacked there.  It wasn’t long before I had another grilse on the line! This fish was strong and he managed to unhook itself after a quick 3 jumps sequence. Too bad I would have liked to land this one but it’s part of the game.

The last hour of fishing before dusk was awesome. A big salmon rose 8 times to my fly but he never took it! While thinking back about it maybe I should have tried a bomber it might have worked to get a strike... The first day ended with lots of action!

The next morning I got up early in order to have my feet in the water long before the sun hitted the water. I went back to the same spot that I fished the evening before. Surrounded by the mists I started fishing.



The salmon were still very active and I quickly got another fish on the line! This one was bigger than the grilse that I had on the line the day before. Here’s a video of the fight!




For the the rest of the day I fished with dry flies. I got some action during the evening session when some salmons rose to my bombers. During the golden hour a salmon took my bomber but I was too quick to set the hook and I pulled the fly out of his mouth...

The third morning I decided to go explore a new spot where the river split in two and there’s a little pool on the east side.  Upon arrival I sneaked slowly behind the tail of the pool and I saw 3 salmons and 7 grilses stacked like firewood five feet away in front of me! I tied a bomber and soon got some action as a grilse kept rising to my fly every time I tied a new bomber. Here’sa video of that mad little salmon!!





Not my biggest but one hell of a fight!!

After I released this one I decided that three atlantic salmon landed in 3 days was good enough for me so I went back home. What a wonderful weekend on the beautiful Godbout river!

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Awesome pictures and footage, you are so lucky to have such clean and productive waters. Makes me yearn for the days gone by here in Maine. 

Thank you for sharing your adventures and I look forward to making my way up there to catch a fish or two next season! I did not fish near as much as I would have liked this season. 

Looks like the best part was...no black flies! :lol:


PS You are very good with English, I wish that I had the same grasp of speaking and writing in French. 

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Wonderful footage. Enjoyed watching every minute of your videos!


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Just beautiful river(s), terrain, woodlands...salmon...man!  Still working on upgrades to my 4R but need to do some trips up there......

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You are a fortunate fellow to have that kind of fishing. I'm jealous ! :D

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Wow, How did I miss this report!

beautiful river and amazing videos.

I’m envious and so glad you had such good success. Thanks for sharing.

Salmon are just plain amazing!

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