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super chicken

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I would guess they keep him in a large wire mess cage and let gravity take care of the rest. 

Bet they clean the cage often.

Do they pull the feathers then let them grow back? That would be my guess. 

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I just had to do A search about these genetic chickens again. Came across this very informative post on a chick forum https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/genetic-hackle-aka-fly-tying-chickens-info-for-the-interested.24918/

Roosters can be kept in many ways but should be kept in an enviroment that keeps them from breaking feathers such as indiviual cages, free range, or low lighting in large pens.

Feathers are sold to fly tyers "on the skin" as capes (the roosters neck) or Saddles (the roosters back) Some capes can sell for up to $150.00 each and some saddles up to $100.00. The average good cape can sell for $20 + and the average saddle can sell for $12+ This makes just average roosters worth about $32.00 each. Not bad for raising them for about a year.”

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