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The "Governor Mills" Streamer

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I have known Janet Mills for over 30 years. To celebrate her election my friend Charlie Mills, who ties professionally, and I created the "Governor Mills" streamer. She tied it. I couldn't find anything that looked like it online so I hope it is a unique pattern. I gave it to Janet today and she was thrilled. Politics aside, I believe she will be a good steward for the state and a good advocate for clean water and clean air. 





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I'm not political, but I think that's pretty cool, and she has a great smile, should probably post the recipe and see who catches the first fish. 

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Black 6/0 thread
Streamer size 10

Tail flash
Extra small silver ribbing
Sky blue floss for the body
Red deer hair then blue deer hair on top 
Flash over the deer hair
3 or 4 peacock herl over the flash

Throat- White hackle

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