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Welcome to Shanty Town

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Its almost here, the 2019 hardwater season is fast approaching!  With this time of year being a sort of "in between" time as far as outdoor recreation goes I decided to go ahead and whip together a small hard sided shanty for use on one of the several ponds within 10 minutes of my home.   Most of the materials I already had, a result of scavenging around the town dump every week.  Some I had to buy, like plexi, a sheet of plywood, bunch of 2x3's and foam insulation. 

Started with the base, 4X6 on a set of old skies from the dump.  Eye hooks are there to mount the fixed hitch to my snowmobile.


After I built and painted it in my basement I hauled it out and got out the sled.


Dragged it around the yard a bunch to test things out, went pretty good. 

Next up, frame and attach metal from the dump.


Windows were punched with a cutting blade on a grinder, had to make sure it didn't look too nice so it doesn't get stolen!

Next up, Insulate.


And then to add a few furnishings, a small bench, foldup table, couple shelves, hangers.


All thats left is to cut a hole in the floor for jigging and adding a few more random shelves, add reflectors to the outside, and a name plate.  Was nice and toasty in there with the little buddy going.

Instead of wishing the winter away I'll be enjoying every moment of it in style with family and friends this year.  I can still pick up one end of it myself, so not too bad weight wise.  I was hauling it around after it was all built and still had no problems. I have a thermal popup but its still cold, nothing like something a bit more solid.

My little one is already excited for the ice!  She's been using a flasher and jigging up a storm since she was 6.  Now shes 8, a perch slayer in the making.


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Looks very nice. Well done!


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Looks like a winner to me.  You've got the machine to pull it out there and the right partner to show you where the fish are.  Have fun!

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Nice work, I like your resourcefulness and reuse of good materials!   Looks great, very functional and should keep you toasty.

Best wishes to you and your daughter this winter!  I can only imagine how rewarding it must be to see her work the trap and the excitement on her face when she lands one.  

I tried to get permission to give the boy a quick taste of life on the ice this winter but mom wasn't having it ~ can't say I blame her as he's only 13 months and I understand I'm being an over-excited dad.  What I think would work best for everyone (including for those fishing) is her doing a drive-by with him so he can get out for 10-20 minutes then get back into the warm car and go. 

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